Thursday, December 2, 2010

9 things at 9 months Yes I know I am late:)

On the 28th of November, my puppy Breeze turned 9 months old. I can't believe I have had her for 6 months.
Things I love about her :)
1. I love her spunky personality. (Yes she is not always a calm puppy. Without her vest she gets a little too happy) :)
2. She is willing to go anywhere with you.
3. She is not a very vocal puppy.
4. She has the saddest puppy dog eyes ever. When she is waiting for her food she will look up at you with her ears back and keep her head straight while her eyes look up at you.
5. For the most part she walks by your side.
6. She likes to walk fast. (I am a speed walker and my friends have started walking fast because they want to keep up with me. Breeze is the same way because she doesn't like to be pulled.) ;)
7. I also like how she is only active for a couple hours out of everyday so I am able to do homework and such.
8. She has very droopy eyes. They are so cute but make you so sad for her.
9. She has so much extra skin around her head she looks like she has a fur collar.

~Katherine and Breeze

Friday, October 29, 2010

8 month day!

Yesterday Breeze turned 8 months old! The time has flown by. Here are her 8 things at 8 months.

1. I love her droopy eyes and how dopey she is.
2. I love how good she is out in public and how people ask if she is always that calm. (The answer is no.)
3. I love that she is a really pretty white color, but that her ears and tail are darker than the rest of her!
4. I love how soft she is (like velvet).
5. I love how she is willing to do whatever we are doing because she has a very "whatever" attitude.
6. I love how when she chews her toy bones she lifts them up into the air and chews on them in between the stair rails or on the couch or just up in the air.
(Breeze chewing her bone on the couch. It looks like she is
 chewing the couch but really she is not)

7.  I love how she will not whine in her crate if I am still asleep. She will just go back to sleep until I am ready to get her out.
8. I love how she is so worried about me. Sometimes when my mom gets her up in the morning for me while I am still sleeping she comes running into my room to make sure that I am okay.
Bonus- because she is just that awesome: I love how she tries to scratch an itch with her back paw while standing up. (It never works.)

~Katherine and Breeze

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well I was looking at Breeze's paws and I think they are huge. The reason I think this is because they are bigger then my dog Grahams. Here are some pictures of both of them. Tell me what you think!

(My Dog Grahams paw)

(Breeze's paw)

(Breeze and Grahams paw)

(Graham and Breeze)

(Graham and Breeze together)
~Katherine and Breeze

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School and such!

Well the past few days Breeze has been coming to school with me. She has not started going full days yet but I hope she soon will. On Wed the 15th she was at the vet getting spayed. I did not get her back until Friday. She did not go to our puppy meeting on Saturday but she did go to church with me on Sunday and has been going to school with me since Monday. The reason we started taking her out so early (since she still had stitches) is because we figured she was safer at school then at home where she might rip her stitches out while playing with my dog Graham. So far Breeze is doing great at school.

Breeze has been going to school since the 10th and she has been doing really well.
The questions and reactions I get from people are interesting. I mean I love how people are interested in learning about Guide dogs, but it is hard to keep answering the same questions over and over. Luckily while I am at school I am usually with friends so they help out. There are still people at school who have not figured out that a dog has been going to school for awhile. Oh well... The best question I get though is "Are you blind?" The answer is no I am not. Well not legally anyway... I am not the only person who gets asked this question though the people I eat lunch with and people I hang out with get asked "Is she blind?" The all reply no. It is a lot of fun being able to take a dog to school and it is a great learning experience for everybody!
Breeze may be getting her stitches out either today or tomorrow. I think she is awaiting the day though because she may look like she is super calm but she really is not and she wants to be able to run around the house and backyard with out getting in trouble for it.
Well that's all for now!!
(Sorry no pictures of Breezes' first days at school because camera's are not allowed at school along with backpacks which rather stinks but I guess that is just how it is...)

~Katherine and Breeze

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well Breeze is not with me for the moment. She happens to be getting neutered. *sad face* I will not be getting her back until Friday but that is not the sad part.The sad part is that she will not be coming back to school with me until around September 27. I will update about how school is going and how Breeze is doing later!!
~Katherine and Breeze

Thursday, September 9, 2010

6 months and more

Well I have not posted in a while so here are a few things. Breeze now weighs about 48 pounds. She is also 6 months old but I never did a post for it so I will do it right now.

Things she does well:

1. She is very calm out in public and settles really well.
2. She is getting really good on Tie Down but still needs some work.
3. Her come is improving. She was going through the rebellious stage so she would stop coming but now she is getting better at it!
4. She is starting to walk on a loose leash with a flat collar but still needs the head collar.
5. Breeze is really good around kids and enjoys them.
6. She does most of her commands when you tell her to.

Things to work on:

1. Breeze is very dog distracted and pulls on the leash to get to them.
2. She is starting to have accidents again but I think that may be some of my fault.
3. Breeze is a very big garbage mouth and will pick up anything that is on the floor.
4. She plays keep away with toys she is not aloud to have.
5. Breeze is not able to "stay" in a room that I am not in. Instead she tries to follow me around.
6. She also knows when I don't have treats for come so she will not come.

Because Breeze is now 6 months old we got a letter telling us that she needs to get spayed! Also Breeze will be going to school with me tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday then will be getting spayed on Wednesday!

(Breeze sitting in my yard with her vest on)
~Katherine and Breeze

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well my school will be starting up at the end of this month so I had to go talk to the principal of my school. I went to school to get my schedule and talk to him. He said that he had to call the district and ask about it but was not opposed of her coming a few times in the school year but he didn't want it to become a distraction for other students he also was worried about kids who had allergies.  My principal is new this year but has been a vice principal at my school for 2 years.He told me that he would call me back after talking to the district.
Well I just got the call and he said that it was okay to bring her to school and that in the middle of September I have to go in and talk to him and set the first date as her "test" day where we see how well she does and such! If she is doing well and can handle it and everything then she will be able to come to school with me a few times in the week but he does not want her coming everyday which I understand. I knew that the district would say that she could come because the state law for disabilities says that a service dog in training can go anywhere a normal service dog could go or any normal person. I am just glad that he is not against the idea so I didn't have to fight him!

~Katherine and Breeze

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 Months Old

Today Breeze is 5 months old so here are the 5 things to work on and the 5 things that are good.

Things to work on:

1: Puppy Push up. We have started doing the sit, down, puppy push up and she is getting really good on them considering that we started only about 3 days ago!

2: She still has trouble staying in a sit if I leave the room she will get curious and wonder were I went so she will start following me.

3: Breeze has now started jumping up on people and on objects. She will jump up on you if you are standing and have food in your hand.

4: Breeze also whines on Tie Down and in her crate if you keep the light on and don't close the door.

5: She takes toys and things that are not hers and will play keep away with them.

Good things:

1: She is really good out in the public!

2: Her come is getting really good while off leash.

3: Her "go to bed" is really good she will most of the time go on command!]

4: Breeze will do her business on command and she will do it on cement too.

5: Breeze is getting use to the command Kennel and now when I tell her to go into her crate a few feet away she will go right in.

Here is a picture on her 5 month day!

~Katherine and Breeze

Monday, July 19, 2010

Green Leash Give Away

Megan in my group is doing a green leash give away. If you would like to enter to try to win a leash Click here or go to
~Katherine and Breeze

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


For the last couple of weeks I have been working on the Come command.I think it is really important and is very useful. Breeze has picked up on it really well and is getting really good at it. Here are a few pictures of her coming! Sorry about the dead grass!
(Breeze running towards me after I tell her come)

(Breeze running with her lips all spread out)

(Breeze after coming a few times)

(Breeze relaxing after running out in the heat)
~Katherine and Breeze

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 Month Day

Breeze turned 4 months old yesterday but I was not home so I could not write this post! Well Happy 4 month day Breeze!!! Well since she is 4 months old that also means that she has gotten her 16 week shots and that also means that we can start taking her places. She has been to 2 places with me. She went to Target and then to a restaurant. She did really well in both but threw up a little in both. Anyway the 4 things I love and 4 things I need to work on are:

1. She is very smart.
2. The places I have taken her she does really well.
3. Does sit really well and also Wait.
4. Her attitude is awesome. She is always happy and willing to please!

Work on:
1. The throwing up.
2. Her stay. She always gets up before you tell her to.
3. Her down. She hates going down although is always Lying Down
4. Walking on a leash. She pulls while walking so I have been using the Gentle Leader and Halti

~Katherine and Breeze

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Down Wait

Well since Breeze has figured out sit I have now been making her go down and wait for her food. She is getting really good and is picking up on down really well. She will go down on her own sometimes and other times I just have to help her a little. Breeze is learning commands really fast and I am very proud of her. We are working on Stay with her now because she knows what wait is.

(Breeze lying down waiting for her food. Her head is resting on her paw looking up at
me waiting for me to say Okay)

(Breeze not even looking at the bowl. Her head is resting on the floor.)

~Katherine and Breeze

Monday, June 7, 2010

Discovery Academy

On Saturday for our puppy meeting we went to this school for trouble teens called Discovery Academy. It was a great experience being with all the teens there. They were nicer then you expected and you wouldn't think anything was wrong. They had a lot of fun playing with all the dogs.
The school had a blind guy come with his guide dog and did his presentation. After the presentation the teens got to go around to all the dogs and play with them. Breeze had a great time. Also Breeze got to see her sister Becky. It was the first time since the puppy truck so I think they had a lot of fun.

(Breeze being held by a girl)

(Breeze being held by a different girl)

(Breeze getting lots of love from a girl)

(Breeze being brushed by lots of kids)

(Breeze getting lots of love from teens)

(Breeze's sister Becky getting love)

(Becky being held by a guy)

(Breeze getting her ears rubbed)

(Breeze sitting on a guys lap looking happy!)

(Breeze laying on her back getting her tummy rubbed while a guy is holding her)

(Breeze getting love from a girl while a guy hugs her)

(Breeze laying on a guys stomach acting all sweet)

(Breeze biting her sister Becky's neck)

(Becky biting Breezes leg and Breeze going for Becky's leg)

(Becky getting ready to bite Breezes nose)

(Becky attacking Breezes paw)

(Breeze and Becky wrestling)

~Katherine and Breeze

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Picture Post

(Breeze lying down with her ears up in a ponytail)

(Breeze with her puppy eyes)

(Breeze lying her head on her paw)

(Breeze in her crate lying upside down)

(Breeze lying down in her crate upside down with her face all squashed)

(Breeze's ears up in a ponytail and they are flopped over)
~Katherine and Breeze

Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost There

Well today is Breeze's 3 month Birthday so, I will go with what everyone else does and follow the crowd and say 3 things that I like about Breeze. I will also add 3 things that we need to work on.
Things I like

1. I love how she loves to be with people.

2. I love her coloring. Mainly on her ears though.

3. I like how she takes so long to eat any meal. That means that I can do more stuff in between her eating!

Things to work on

1.Accidents. We went on a walk yesterday and she pooped on the sidewalk. I know she is only 3 months but that still something that shouldn't be happening quite so often now that she is getting older.

2. The down command. She hasn't quite caught on to the command yet. She doesn't really like it either.

3. Chewing everything. She has gotten better from when we had her but she still tries to chew our couch, Chairs, Table Cloth, and we have her tie down to our railing by our stairs and she chews on her tie down and even sometimes the wood on the stairs.

~Katherine and Breeze

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breeze gone?

   Well Breeze is at a puppy sitters this weekend and I know you are all thinking that a little early because I have only had her for a week and the answer is maybe but I called my leader and asked if it was okay for her to be puppy sat for the weekend and she said yes. The reason she is at a puppy sitters is because we have lots of people coming over tomorrow (Sunday) and we didn't want to stress her out and we needed to clean the house so we took her to a puppy sitters. We haven't done much since I last wrote but on Sunday I took lots of photos of her. We also had her first puppy meeting on Wednesday. We now have 11 dogs in our group and we have around 3 more coming in June and 3 leave the same day. I have also have given her another bath.

Breeze sitting in the grass with her tongue out

Breeze itching herself with her tongue out

Breeze right after she eats. She is a very messy eater

Breeze laying on the ground and her paw looks very long and big
I love this picture!

Breeze laying by her Kong with Graham a few feet away from her
My one dog Graham is always laying not to far away from Breeze its really cute.

For the first couple of days Breeze was scared about going down stairs so this was one of her first times ever going down the stairs.
~Katherine and Breeze

Friday, May 7, 2010

B puppy

Well today I got my little girl. Her name is Breeze and she is a yellow female. There are 9 puppies in her litter. 5 boys and 4 girls. All 4 girls where on the puppy truck today. She is more a white color than yellow. Her parents are Piedmont and Geraldine.

Her first meal at home

Getting her first bath and doesn't look to happy

Breeze getting dried off