Tuesday, March 29, 2011

13 Months

I am such a terrible person and did not write a 12 month post plus I got this one out a day late. I promise you though that I wrote all of it yesterday except for 2 of the numbers. :) I also did not do very much on her birthday although I did have to give a slide show presentation and we mentioned her in it. Anyway here are her 13 things at 13 months.

1. Breeze is awesome on outings.
2. She has been going on outings without her head collar on and doing really well.
3. Breeze is being recalled on June 8 or 9. I am not looking forward to this day but I think she is ready to move on in her life.
4. She is super soft and super fun to cuddle with and pet.
5. She makes me laugh multiple times a day because she is so dopey.
6. She is pretty much always loose in the house now and does pretty well.
7. She sleeps outside of her kennel on her bed, and does not mess with anything in my room.
8. We tell her to leave a room and she leaves.
9. She will wake you up in the morning if she is told to.
10. She will do anything and go anywhere because she has a very whatever attitude.
11. She is a very calm dog and does not require much energy.
12. She comes to band class with me and does really well in it. Everyone loves her.
13. She is very obedient.

~Katherine and Breeze