Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School and such!

Well the past few days Breeze has been coming to school with me. She has not started going full days yet but I hope she soon will. On Wed the 15th she was at the vet getting spayed. I did not get her back until Friday. She did not go to our puppy meeting on Saturday but she did go to church with me on Sunday and has been going to school with me since Monday. The reason we started taking her out so early (since she still had stitches) is because we figured she was safer at school then at home where she might rip her stitches out while playing with my dog Graham. So far Breeze is doing great at school.

Breeze has been going to school since the 10th and she has been doing really well.
The questions and reactions I get from people are interesting. I mean I love how people are interested in learning about Guide dogs, but it is hard to keep answering the same questions over and over. Luckily while I am at school I am usually with friends so they help out. There are still people at school who have not figured out that a dog has been going to school for awhile. Oh well... The best question I get though is "Are you blind?" The answer is no I am not. Well not legally anyway... I am not the only person who gets asked this question though the people I eat lunch with and people I hang out with get asked "Is she blind?" The all reply no. It is a lot of fun being able to take a dog to school and it is a great learning experience for everybody!
Breeze may be getting her stitches out either today or tomorrow. I think she is awaiting the day though because she may look like she is super calm but she really is not and she wants to be able to run around the house and backyard with out getting in trouble for it.
Well that's all for now!!
(Sorry no pictures of Breezes' first days at school because camera's are not allowed at school along with backpacks which rather stinks but I guess that is just how it is...)

~Katherine and Breeze

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