Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 Months Old

Today Breeze is 5 months old so here are the 5 things to work on and the 5 things that are good.

Things to work on:

1: Puppy Push up. We have started doing the sit, down, puppy push up and she is getting really good on them considering that we started only about 3 days ago!

2: She still has trouble staying in a sit if I leave the room she will get curious and wonder were I went so she will start following me.

3: Breeze has now started jumping up on people and on objects. She will jump up on you if you are standing and have food in your hand.

4: Breeze also whines on Tie Down and in her crate if you keep the light on and don't close the door.

5: She takes toys and things that are not hers and will play keep away with them.

Good things:

1: She is really good out in the public!

2: Her come is getting really good while off leash.

3: Her "go to bed" is really good she will most of the time go on command!]

4: Breeze will do her business on command and she will do it on cement too.

5: Breeze is getting use to the command Kennel and now when I tell her to go into her crate a few feet away she will go right in.

Here is a picture on her 5 month day!

~Katherine and Breeze

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