Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phase Report

Breeze 41Y4 LAB F 
Barley 40Y8 LAB M 
Batik 41Y3 LAB F 
Becky 41Y2 LAB F 
Bronte 41Y5 LAB F 
Bruno 41Y1 LAB M 1

Well here is the phase report of Breeze and her siblings keep going Bronte and Bruno and Go Breeze, Becky, Batik and Barley!!!

~Katherine, Breeze, and Hazelle

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Phase Report

Well today we got phase reports but Breeze and 2 of her other siblings that went back on the truck with her have not been added to the list yet so hopefully she will be on the list next week maybe in phase 1 haha probably not though. They are most likely still doing medical evals with her!

~Katherine, Breeze, and Hazelle

Monday, June 13, 2011

Off to Oregon and last couple days at home

Well yesterday morning I got up bright and early to take Breeze to the puppy truck. We decided that we wanted to leave little Hazelle home. We got there at about 8:00 AM so we just talked to the people at the truck who were giving away their dogs also. I saw two of Breeze's siblings there Becky and Batik. They are both heading to Oregon with her and I am excited to see how they all progress.
The two times I have been to the puppy truck they have been happy times but this time it totally stunk. When we got there one of the drivers of the truck asked me some info about Breeze mainly if she had had Heart worm and then what type of food she is on and how much she gets each day. It was all easy to do until I had to put Breeze on the truck. We put her up in her kennel and said our goodbyes and she just looked like she didn't really care why she was up there but then when we closed the kennel door she looked sad and wondering why we just did what we did. It was really hard for me to leave but then finally did. I hope she does well but there is also a part of me that wants her Career changed because I would love to keep her as a pet. Breeze totally reminded me of me and I think that is why it was also so hard for me to give her up. I am looking forward to the phase reports every week now and every time my leader calls me I will probably freak out.
Breeze in her kennel ready to go to Oregon

Breeze looking sad and wondering why we just put her in there
Breeze should be in Oregon now or soon and is stepping into the next part of her life.

A couple days before Breeze left and when we had just gotten Hazelle we had 4 dogs at our house. We had our own pet dog Graham and then we also had three PIT's in our home: Breeze, Hazelle and Lacole who is a dog in our group. 

Lacole has been an awesome dog to watch and even though we had four dogs she made it easier because she is much calmer and kinda lazy like Breeze. It was pretty hectic having four dogs but I think I would rather have four dogs then have Breeze missing. Here are some pictures of the dogs the past few days.

All four dogs settled down and none of them are on tie down. They are all touching each other also.
This picture is of all the dogs lying down and touching
My two girls Breeze and Hazelle 

~Katherine, Breeze, Lacole, and Hazelle

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My H puppy!

Well today I got my second guide dog puppy she is a female yellow lab name Hazelle pronounced Hay- Zel not like the normal word Hazel. She was born on April 2, 2011 to Jenkins and Jillian. She is super cute and is a lot of fun so far!

The Puppy Truck

Hazelle in the grass at the puppy truck

Hazelles first meal. Look how skinny she is

Now look how fat she is

Hazelles first bath

Looking sad and pathetic
This picture reminds me of one of Breeze

~Katherine, Breeze and Hazelle

Friday, June 3, 2011

Next letter

Let the name guessing begin! My new letter is H! It is going to be a female yellow Lab. H is a very rare letter in our group and my new puppy will be the first after a couple years of no H's! Well have fun guessing names!

~Katherine and Breeze