Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost There

Well today is Breeze's 3 month Birthday so, I will go with what everyone else does and follow the crowd and say 3 things that I like about Breeze. I will also add 3 things that we need to work on.
Things I like

1. I love how she loves to be with people.

2. I love her coloring. Mainly on her ears though.

3. I like how she takes so long to eat any meal. That means that I can do more stuff in between her eating!

Things to work on

1.Accidents. We went on a walk yesterday and she pooped on the sidewalk. I know she is only 3 months but that still something that shouldn't be happening quite so often now that she is getting older.

2. The down command. She hasn't quite caught on to the command yet. She doesn't really like it either.

3. Chewing everything. She has gotten better from when we had her but she still tries to chew our couch, Chairs, Table Cloth, and we have her tie down to our railing by our stairs and she chews on her tie down and even sometimes the wood on the stairs.

~Katherine and Breeze

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breeze gone?

   Well Breeze is at a puppy sitters this weekend and I know you are all thinking that a little early because I have only had her for a week and the answer is maybe but I called my leader and asked if it was okay for her to be puppy sat for the weekend and she said yes. The reason she is at a puppy sitters is because we have lots of people coming over tomorrow (Sunday) and we didn't want to stress her out and we needed to clean the house so we took her to a puppy sitters. We haven't done much since I last wrote but on Sunday I took lots of photos of her. We also had her first puppy meeting on Wednesday. We now have 11 dogs in our group and we have around 3 more coming in June and 3 leave the same day. I have also have given her another bath.

Breeze sitting in the grass with her tongue out

Breeze itching herself with her tongue out

Breeze right after she eats. She is a very messy eater

Breeze laying on the ground and her paw looks very long and big
I love this picture!

Breeze laying by her Kong with Graham a few feet away from her
My one dog Graham is always laying not to far away from Breeze its really cute.

For the first couple of days Breeze was scared about going down stairs so this was one of her first times ever going down the stairs.
~Katherine and Breeze

Friday, May 7, 2010

B puppy

Well today I got my little girl. Her name is Breeze and she is a yellow female. There are 9 puppies in her litter. 5 boys and 4 girls. All 4 girls where on the puppy truck today. She is more a white color than yellow. Her parents are Piedmont and Geraldine.

Her first meal at home

Getting her first bath and doesn't look to happy

Breeze getting dried off