Friday, January 28, 2011

Notice the Difference?

                          (Breeze at 10 weeks old.)

(Breeze almost 9 months old)
notice the size difference?

(Now do you notice the nose? She is 11 months old.)

~Katherine and Breeze

11 months already :(

It is so sad that my time with Breeze is almost up. She is almost a year old! Here are her 11 things at 11 months.

1. She loves to go to school and see all her new friends.
2. She does really well out in public and will just sleep through school. At home is another thing...

(Breeze with a roll of tape over her mouth)

3. She does really well at night where she just sleeps on her dog bed and doesn't bother anything but her bone.
4. She struts through school like she owns the place. With her tale wagging and her head up. (so cute)
5. She now weighs 56 lbs.
6. She loves to be with people and will lick them anytime she gets the chance. (I am trying to stop it. The licking that is)
7. She is really good at all her commands besides stand. Believe it or not she is quite the lazy dog and tries to lay down as soon as she can.
8. Right after her dinner she just totally crashes on tie down as if she has nothing else to live for.
9. She has started to come to P.E. with me and she is really good except that she gets up from where she is at to come look for me. We will be working on that also.
10. She does really well in my band class and just sleeps through it all. Everyone wants to know how she does it. :)
11. I love her droopy eyes and how she always looks sad. She also is super soft!
I love my doggy! She is so great!

(Her favorite toy. Who knew?)

~Katherine and Breeze