Friday, December 11, 2015

My Mr. Y

Well now that it has been over 7 months since I got my puppy I figured I should probably announce what his name really is and information about him!

His name is YOAV! (Yo-av) and he is freaking amazing. He was born to Yoga and Bartley on February 12, 2015.
Yoav's dad Bartley front view
Yoav's dad Bartley Side view
Yoav's mom Yoga front
Yoav's mom Yoga, side view

 . He has four other siblings. 3 brothers and 1 sister. The males are Yankee, Yonder, Yamal, and of course Yoav. The female is Yucca. Yoav looks almost identical to his mom.

I received Yoav on April 17, 2015. He was flown in with two other puppies on Delta Cargo. I was unable to pick him up from the airport but my mom and sister went for me.

Yoav sitting in the crate he arrived in
Yoav meeting my sister
Yoav eating his first meal
Yoav sitting after his first meal
I'm holding Yoav after his first bath
Yoav pouting on the steps. He hated going down them.
 Yoav was a cute little puppy. He loved to cuddle and to be with people. He hated his kennel. He used to constantly bark in it. The first guide dog puppy meeting we went to was with our CFR and she requested that the pups all get put in to their crates. Yoav decided he wanted to be the center of attention and barked the whole way through. He still doesn't love his kennel but he will at least sleep in it without barking. He has gotten a lot better.
His kennel started out too big and would relieve in the kennel. Luckily he grew out of that. Overall he was pretty easy to housebreak. Besides the fact he would drizzle if you didn't take him out fast enough.
When he was little he was also terrified of stairs. He would refuse to go down them. Eventually he would go down the cement stairs but if there were more than 4 stairs he would refuse to walk. He was very scared of things when he was a baby puppy, but has since grew out of most of them.

When I first got him I was still finishing my semester at college, so I was gone for two weeks before I was able to come and raise him. My mom and sister were willing to help me out a lot during the summer, and also those two weeks I was in school.

More pictures and information to come about the last 8 months!

But until then here is a cute baby picture of Yoav!

Yoav as a small puppy laying on a striped rug waiting to be taken outside.

~Katherine and Yoav