Monday, June 7, 2010

Discovery Academy

On Saturday for our puppy meeting we went to this school for trouble teens called Discovery Academy. It was a great experience being with all the teens there. They were nicer then you expected and you wouldn't think anything was wrong. They had a lot of fun playing with all the dogs.
The school had a blind guy come with his guide dog and did his presentation. After the presentation the teens got to go around to all the dogs and play with them. Breeze had a great time. Also Breeze got to see her sister Becky. It was the first time since the puppy truck so I think they had a lot of fun.

(Breeze being held by a girl)

(Breeze being held by a different girl)

(Breeze getting lots of love from a girl)

(Breeze being brushed by lots of kids)

(Breeze getting lots of love from teens)

(Breeze's sister Becky getting love)

(Becky being held by a guy)

(Breeze getting her ears rubbed)

(Breeze sitting on a guys lap looking happy!)

(Breeze laying on her back getting her tummy rubbed while a guy is holding her)

(Breeze getting love from a girl while a guy hugs her)

(Breeze laying on a guys stomach acting all sweet)

(Breeze biting her sister Becky's neck)

(Becky biting Breezes leg and Breeze going for Becky's leg)

(Becky getting ready to bite Breezes nose)

(Becky attacking Breezes paw)

(Breeze and Becky wrestling)

~Katherine and Breeze

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  1. Looks like someone is enjoying the attention :) What a lucky girl- playtime with her sister and cuddle time with all those people. That sounds like such a great outing. I wish our club would do something like that! Those photos of Breeze in the students' laps are adorable, especially the one of her laying on someone's stomach.


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