Saturday, May 28, 2011

What happened to my 10 week old pup?

Well today is Breeze's 15 month old day which means she can officially go back to the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus. I remember when I got Breeze at 10 weeks old and just barely starting her training now I have 13 days left with her and getting ready to start the adventure all over again with a new puppy. She was a quick learner and easier to teach because of it. I will miss my white little Breeze like crazy but I really hope she makes it as a guide. I don't think Breeze will be happy just staying home and being a pet dog because she loves going everywhere with me and hates it when I do not take her with me. Breeze has been a great first puppy to train even though she can be super stubborn at times and doesn't want to do what you want her to do at times. She also likes to do things that she know she is not supposed to do just to make sure that you will get mad at her for it such as picking up things in her mouth. She will pick things up in her mouth and then run to you to see if you notice she picked something up, she will drop it once you see what she has but she just does it to make sure that she is still not allowed to do it. I am looking forward to seeing her name on the phase reports every week and seeing her progress and I am excited to see how well she does.

Breeze 10 weeks old on my lawn
Breeze at 14 months sitting in my yard

~Katherine and Breeze