Friday, October 29, 2010

8 month day!

Yesterday Breeze turned 8 months old! The time has flown by. Here are her 8 things at 8 months.

1. I love her droopy eyes and how dopey she is.
2. I love how good she is out in public and how people ask if she is always that calm. (The answer is no.)
3. I love that she is a really pretty white color, but that her ears and tail are darker than the rest of her!
4. I love how soft she is (like velvet).
5. I love how she is willing to do whatever we are doing because she has a very "whatever" attitude.
6. I love how when she chews her toy bones she lifts them up into the air and chews on them in between the stair rails or on the couch or just up in the air.
(Breeze chewing her bone on the couch. It looks like she is
 chewing the couch but really she is not)

7.  I love how she will not whine in her crate if I am still asleep. She will just go back to sleep until I am ready to get her out.
8. I love how she is so worried about me. Sometimes when my mom gets her up in the morning for me while I am still sleeping she comes running into my room to make sure that I am okay.
Bonus- because she is just that awesome: I love how she tries to scratch an itch with her back paw while standing up. (It never works.)

~Katherine and Breeze

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well I was looking at Breeze's paws and I think they are huge. The reason I think this is because they are bigger then my dog Grahams. Here are some pictures of both of them. Tell me what you think!

(My Dog Grahams paw)

(Breeze's paw)

(Breeze and Grahams paw)

(Graham and Breeze)

(Graham and Breeze together)
~Katherine and Breeze