Thursday, April 28, 2011

14 Months old

Here are just 14 random things I thought about Breeze.
1. She is very calm with her vest and people always ask if she is always that calm. The answer is no.
2. She is super sweet and I love how she likes to follow me everywhere.
3. Breeze always looks sad even though she is happy.
4. I honestly think she picks things up in her mouth just to see if she will get in trouble.
5. When we let the dogs out to play in our almost an acre yard they just sit at the back door wanting inside.
6. She is very stubborn at times and very easy going other times.
7. She is very good in band class but doesn't really like being in the same room when I play piano.
8. Breeze would rather play with a jug over a bone.
9. She is very stubborn with somethings but totally doesn't care about others.
10. She will not drink plain water from a bowl but loves having it in ice form. :) (we are working on that)
11. On all her Nylabones she chews the 2 sides but never really chews the middle.
12. She will lay on anything to use as a pillow.
13. Because she loves  to follow you everywhere when you are in a bathroom she will go and lay on the towel on the ground or when you are near like a door rug she will lay on that.
 Kyle laying on top of Breeze

Clyde laying on top of Breeze

Breeze looking all sad. Like normal.

Kyle and Breeze laying like if they were looking in a mirror.

Breeze in uniform in my yard.

Breeze sitting in the grass in my front yard.
and last of all
14. She is tentatively leaving on the June 9th truck.
~Katherine and Breeze