Thursday, September 9, 2010

6 months and more

Well I have not posted in a while so here are a few things. Breeze now weighs about 48 pounds. She is also 6 months old but I never did a post for it so I will do it right now.

Things she does well:

1. She is very calm out in public and settles really well.
2. She is getting really good on Tie Down but still needs some work.
3. Her come is improving. She was going through the rebellious stage so she would stop coming but now she is getting better at it!
4. She is starting to walk on a loose leash with a flat collar but still needs the head collar.
5. Breeze is really good around kids and enjoys them.
6. She does most of her commands when you tell her to.

Things to work on:

1. Breeze is very dog distracted and pulls on the leash to get to them.
2. She is starting to have accidents again but I think that may be some of my fault.
3. Breeze is a very big garbage mouth and will pick up anything that is on the floor.
4. She plays keep away with toys she is not aloud to have.
5. Breeze is not able to "stay" in a room that I am not in. Instead she tries to follow me around.
6. She also knows when I don't have treats for come so she will not come.

Because Breeze is now 6 months old we got a letter telling us that she needs to get spayed! Also Breeze will be going to school with me tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday then will be getting spayed on Wednesday!

(Breeze sitting in my yard with her vest on)
~Katherine and Breeze


  1. You'll have to let us know how she does in school. :)

  2. No way! She weighs 5 more pounds than Picassa, that's crazy! I love that last picture of her, she is looking so grown up. Let us know how school goes.


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