Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Puppysit #2 (Mara)


A few weeks ago (Dec 5-6), I had the opportunity to puppysit Mara. Mara is a female black lab. She is my group leaders' transfer dog. She was really good for us.  She has a fun personality! She reminded my family a lot of my dog Graham when he was her age.  Anyway, I had her from Saturday to Sunday. Saturday we just hung around at my house and she met my dogs.  On Sunday I took her to church. She did really well. Everyone loved her, but my class kept saying that I had a muzzle on her. It was just her Halti! During Young Womens, which is the 3rd hour, she kept sighing. I felt really bad because she would sigh when we were really quiet and when we were listening to a lady talking to us about service and how it has blessed her life. Well, that's how my weekend with Mara went!