Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well I was looking at Breeze's paws and I think they are huge. The reason I think this is because they are bigger then my dog Grahams. Here are some pictures of both of them. Tell me what you think!

(My Dog Grahams paw)

(Breeze's paw)

(Breeze and Grahams paw)

(Graham and Breeze)

(Graham and Breeze together)
~Katherine and Breeze


  1. Breeze has some really large paws :D
    It's really funny, because all of my CCI friends talk about how big CCI dogs get, but there's one dog that is turning in for advanced training (being recalled) and she's only 37 pounds. I think she's almost a year and a half old.

  2. There are a lot of dogs in our group that are older than Breeze and they weigh less then Breeze but I think you win with the 37 pound dog. That seems really small.

  3. I think you have too much time on your hands. ;)

    And, yes, Breeze has bigger paws than Graham, even though Graham is much bigger than Breeze. Breeze is just probably not done growing. (Even if she is already over 50 pounds.) Besides, I think she's perfect just the way she is.

  4. It goes fast doesn't it! Are you planning on raising again?


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