Monday, December 19, 2011

Rio day 1

Well today I got Rio and he is quite the handsome fellow. Me and my family took him to the mall and he was super good the whole time with no problems. We came home and had a couple of dominance problems with my pet dog and him but those are pretty much now taken care of. He had a couple of problems with our cats at first but the cats didn't let him get away with anything. We let him run around in the backyard a couple of times and that pretty much wore him out. He is much calmer then Hazelle and almost as calm as Breeze. The only problem is when other dogs are around.
While I had Rio on tie down for dinner he was missing all the fun with my other animals  

Graham and the kitten watching Oreo.
Oreo is hissing at the new kitten and wanting outside.
Handsome Rio making a funny face at the camera

Rio with a dorky smile on

Happy Rio on a dog bed

What a handsome boy!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hazelle News.

On Sunday November 13th my dog Graham bit Hazelle over food. We told our leader who then told our CFR, together we decided that we needed to transfer her just because Hazelle is already skittish and they were worried that she might get even worse than that but they were not quite as worried that she would be in danger.
 From the start Hazelle has not been an easy puppy to train and she has hated going out in public. We have told our leader multiple times that she just did not want to go out in public and that she hated wearing the head collar.On Saturday November 19, 2011 we had an evaluation with our CFR which also happened to be the day we transferred her. Our CFR then took her back home with her and has been evaluating her since then. I didn't end up having an actual evaluation with her but I knew that she was going to be evaluated when she got back to Colorado. So for the past couple weeks she has been evaluated. December 1st we got the news that she has officially been Career Changed we are not exactly sure why but our leader later told us that she had so many problems there was no way that they would all be fixed by the time she went to Formal Training due to the fact that we had to transfer her for the reason we did we are not allowed to keep her. I have never really bonded with Hazelle which is another reason why I probably shouldn't keep her but I also think that is because she never wanted to go out into public so I just felt she hated it. I think she is an awesome dog and has a really sweet attitude but just is not the right dog for me. She will be placed by GDB. Although right now I am not allowed to raise another Guide Dog they are allowing me to puppy sit. I will now be talking about my many adventures with guide dogs from my group! My first pup I get to watch is Rio over Christmas break. I am super excited!!
Hazelle almost 8 months old

Hazelle right before we left to evaluations.