Wednesday, July 7, 2010


For the last couple of weeks I have been working on the Come command.I think it is really important and is very useful. Breeze has picked up on it really well and is getting really good at it. Here are a few pictures of her coming! Sorry about the dead grass!
(Breeze running towards me after I tell her come)

(Breeze running with her lips all spread out)

(Breeze after coming a few times)

(Breeze relaxing after running out in the heat)
~Katherine and Breeze


  1. Looks like coming isn't Breeze's weakness :)Such a pretty puppy!!!

  2. Yeah she is getting really good at it. I think it also has to do with her getting food... She is really pretty I think her color is really cute!

  3. Coming on command is important to every service and guide dog organization. I tell everybody that Dembre was have some Kangaroo in him, because when I tell him to come he bounces over to me.

  4. ha ha, love his cute little sits :) Breeze, could you tell vance that he needs to work on his come's? He thinks he needs to wander around for awhile.

  5. Breeze also jumps around. Its really cute! She also runs around me and then randomly lies down. She also runs into things it's pretty funny to watch!
    Sarah- I took a video of Breeze coming and the first one was when I told her come she started running towards me and then saw something interesting in the grass and stopped coming. She is getting better but we still need to work on it! I think she only sat like that because I told her to sit and she wanted to go into a down!

  6. She's so cute when she runs! I love how her legs are tucked beneath her and how her ears are flying away. What a GOOD girl!


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