Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well my school will be starting up at the end of this month so I had to go talk to the principal of my school. I went to school to get my schedule and talk to him. He said that he had to call the district and ask about it but was not opposed of her coming a few times in the school year but he didn't want it to become a distraction for other students he also was worried about kids who had allergies.  My principal is new this year but has been a vice principal at my school for 2 years.He told me that he would call me back after talking to the district.
Well I just got the call and he said that it was okay to bring her to school and that in the middle of September I have to go in and talk to him and set the first date as her "test" day where we see how well she does and such! If she is doing well and can handle it and everything then she will be able to come to school with me a few times in the week but he does not want her coming everyday which I understand. I knew that the district would say that she could come because the state law for disabilities says that a service dog in training can go anywhere a normal service dog could go or any normal person. I am just glad that he is not against the idea so I didn't have to fight him!

~Katherine and Breeze