Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost There

Well today is Breeze's 3 month Birthday so, I will go with what everyone else does and follow the crowd and say 3 things that I like about Breeze. I will also add 3 things that we need to work on.
Things I like

1. I love how she loves to be with people.

2. I love her coloring. Mainly on her ears though.

3. I like how she takes so long to eat any meal. That means that I can do more stuff in between her eating!

Things to work on

1.Accidents. We went on a walk yesterday and she pooped on the sidewalk. I know she is only 3 months but that still something that shouldn't be happening quite so often now that she is getting older.

2. The down command. She hasn't quite caught on to the command yet. She doesn't really like it either.

3. Chewing everything. She has gotten better from when we had her but she still tries to chew our couch, Chairs, Table Cloth, and we have her tie down to our railing by our stairs and she chews on her tie down and even sometimes the wood on the stairs.

~Katherine and Breeze


  1. Happy 3 months to Breeze! She does have gorgeous coloring. I remember when Don was little, he'd eat his meal so fast that he'd get the hiccups :) It must be nice to have a people-centered puppy. Sometimes, I will walk into a room with Don and he will get up and walk away. silly boy.

    Don had some trouble with relieving around Breeze's age. For a couple months I only took him on outings/walks after he had relieved and gone poo. After 2 months of not relieving on walks, it became such a pattern to him that he didn't have an accident again, and I didn't require him to go poo before walks.

    It sounds like she is a doing well- and she is SO adorable. I want a younger puppy now :)

  2. My pet dog Graham would also eat his food really fast and get the hiccups also. It was very funny!
    I have also been doing that but some how she still finds a way or just wont go. Because she is so little I have to watch her every minute so that is like her source of excersize (the walks) I think I will try harder to do that and then maybe she will stop.

  3. I'm sure she'll get better as she gets older. I love your new blog title and template! Looks great.


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