Friday, September 30, 2011

Updates on Breeze and Hazelle (long post with lots of pictures)

Well as some of you might have noticed I am a terrible blogger but I decided to update you on Breeze and Hazelle since it is almost Hazelle's 6 month day and it was Breezes 19 month day (forgot to mention that she graduated as a Guide dog a day before she turned a year and a half.)  As most of you probably know Breeze is now a working guide dog. Her partner and her live in Idaho. He has 2 kids and a wife. As I met him and got to know I realized what a great thing I did for him and his family and what a great blessing Breeze will be to his life. He is the perfect partner for Breeze. Breeze was already so attached to him when I met him and I am sure they will have many adventures together in the future. About a week ago I got these cute messages from his kids saying how much they love her and that they are thankful for having Breeze in their family. Those messages made my day and I finally got over the feeling of wanting Breeze back because I knew that their family needed her more than me. Now onto Hazelle.
Hazelle is a trouble maker and I have failed to get you all "acquainted" with her. She is this adorable puppy that is a pretty awesome house dog and was a much faster dog to house break than Breeze. The biggest conflict we have with each other is that Hazelle hates the head collar and refuses to wear it. When I say refuse I literally mean refuse. She will not walk with it on and if you put it on her you will literally be pulling her everywhere which makes me look like the cruelest person alive and I would get many comments about it. We have worked and worked with her on it and have done food protocol with her but she does not want to walk anywhere with it on. We have decided to not mess with it and decided that maybe we will try it again in maybe a month or so. The problem with not having a head collar though is that she pulls sometimes and she sticks her head into anything and everything but I guess we will just have to work through that. She has gotten a lot better out in public but gets a little scared depending on the place you go. I have taken her to one class with me and have not tried taking her to my high school because it is so big and crowded that I am worried it will scare her right now but I might try it in a couple days/weeks. Here are 6 things I love about Hazelle or need to work on with her.
  1. She loves to cuddle and will sit in your lap if you let her
  2. She is super soft and super cute
  3. She is a smart puppy which sometimes can be bad but it also means that she learns her commands fast
  4. She has pretty good house manners except when it comes to slippers..
  5. We are working on her loose leash walking without a head collar which she is pretty good at and only have to correct her once or twice.
  6. She watches TV and is curious about everything. She will sit and watch you, see what you are doing, that sort of thing.
And since I have not put many photos on of her here are quite a few. Also some photos from Breeze's graduation.

Hazelle laying on the floor around the time I got her

Hazelle is naughty and took this pillow off the couch and put it on her bed.

Hazelle being a good girl

First time Hazelle wore a vest. She was around 3 3 1/2 months old

In the car on one of her first outings with a Halti on. 
As you can see it does not fit so we took it back and got a gentle leader. :)

Hazelle learning how to play tug

Hazelles first outing just happened to be at a shoe store.
Which also happened to be one of Breeze's first outing.

Hazelle almost six months old

Almost six months old and playing go to bed

Hazelle loves her dog bed

Cute little Hazelle

Now some photos of Breeze's graduation day:
Breeze laying down by her partners feet after she had gotten over the fact of seeing me again.

If you notice Breeze has gotten a lot more brown spots on her

Breeze in Harness isn't she just gorgeous!

Breeze guiding her partner down the hall

This is Kyle he happened to be the demo dog at Breezes graduation which
was a nice treat because I puppy sat Kyle a few times and I loved him.

The training board

Breeze's name under the In Class dogs :)

~Katherine and Hazelle


  1. Hazelle's a cutie! And Breeze looks great in her halter. Congrats, Breeze!

  2. This is totally random, but I have that same dog bed for my Yorkie!

  3. Congrats to Breeze! Agaain, because I said so on the last post.

    I saw Breeze's story in the GDB newsletter! So cool!!!!!

    Elijah & Hobart II


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