Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phase Report

Breeze 41Y4 LAB F 
Barley 40Y8 LAB M 
Batik 41Y3 LAB F 
Becky 41Y2 LAB F 
Bronte 41Y5 LAB F 
Bruno 41Y1 LAB M 1

Well here is the phase report of Breeze and her siblings keep going Bronte and Bruno and Go Breeze, Becky, Batik and Barley!!!

~Katherine, Breeze, and Hazelle


  1. Go, Dogs, Go!! Good luck to the whole litter, but especially to Breeze! (Wouldn't that be great if they all made it as Guide Dogs?)

  2. We gave you an award at our blog. You can stop by and pick it up and then pass it on to other bloggers


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