Monday, December 19, 2011

Rio day 1

Well today I got Rio and he is quite the handsome fellow. Me and my family took him to the mall and he was super good the whole time with no problems. We came home and had a couple of dominance problems with my pet dog and him but those are pretty much now taken care of. He had a couple of problems with our cats at first but the cats didn't let him get away with anything. We let him run around in the backyard a couple of times and that pretty much wore him out. He is much calmer then Hazelle and almost as calm as Breeze. The only problem is when other dogs are around.
While I had Rio on tie down for dinner he was missing all the fun with my other animals  

Graham and the kitten watching Oreo.
Oreo is hissing at the new kitten and wanting outside.
Handsome Rio making a funny face at the camera

Rio with a dorky smile on

Happy Rio on a dog bed

What a handsome boy!


  1. Is Rio an alonzo x holly puppy? If so then we have sister, Ruby, in our club! She is a teeny tiny little girl!

  2. Yes he is! Rio is giant but he is super good out in public! I would love to see pictures of her!


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