Thursday, April 29, 2010

Miss. B

Well I have figured out what my dog will be. It will be a Female Yellow Lab. The first letter of her name is B. I think it is really hard to come up with names for it. I hope I will like the name!!



  1. Truth be told I thought my first dog's name, Turk, was just plain weird. To make matters worse, I got him just before thanksgiving (aka turkey day). After just a couple days I loved Turk's name. Guide dog names get bizarre at times, but they always grow on you. I cannot wait to meet (and cuddle) your little girl. I'm still casting my vote for Bonnie after my favorite pet dog. :)

  2. I like the name Turk. They come up with really weird names and I am pretty sure the name will grow on me also! I can't wait to get her either and I am happy for you that you get your dog the same day! You can guess I think it was 3 names so you can have 2 more!

  3. Hi!- I'm Lauren and I'm also in junior high, raising my first Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy. I'm so happy to have found another GDB puppy raising blog. A new puppy is so exciting! I can't wait to hear more about Miss "B".

    My GDB pup's name is Don (his name is a bit lacking in the creativity department, in my opinion :) but it's grown on me. Almost everyone laughs when I tell them my dog's name, which is pretty funny.

    Hope to see lots of pictures of your new pup!

    ~Lauren and Don

  4. Nice to meet you! :P Its cool to know I am not the only junior high student raising for GDB. I am super excited to get her!

    The name Don is a little uncreative yes, but I still like it and I think it does grow on you.
    ~ Katherine

  5. My name is Sam and I'm also a puppy raiser, though not for GDB. I currently have a "B" girl too! Her name is Beauty, and her sisters were Bones and Balsam. I've actually had three "B" pups - the others were boys, Baloo and Boss. I think it's a great letter!
    Good luck with your little girl - I can't wait to read about her.

  6. Hey I'm Maddie. I'm a high schooler raising my second puppy, Betsy, for GDB. Betsy's siblings are Bahama, Bianca, Bernie, and Boaz.
    When I was guessing names for Betsy I really wanted Bella. I can't wait to see pictures of your puppy!

  7. Nice to meet you both. I want Bella also or Belle and I havnt seen one yet so maybe I will get one. Don't worry I think I will put lots of pictures on when I can!

  8. Hello!!! It's great to see another puppy raiser! My name is Madison and I began puppy raising for Canine Companions for Independence when I was a freshmen in high school and am now a senior in high school about to graduate! I currently have a "B" puppy, his name is Butler. Which has grown on me as well. You really love any name you get, cause the pups have such great personalities!! Can't wait to see pics of the pup!!!

  9. I'm at work right now, but I wish I could be at the puppy truck with you watching all the new little guys arrive. When you get a free minute, you have to post about your new little girl (and Liz's puppy too). I cannot wait to hear all about them. Today will be so much fun for you!

    Only two more days until Megan and I get our new puppies! By the end of the weekend our club will be up to 12 puppies--11 with us and one in training. Meetings will sure be crazy fun! :)


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